Can I stream or create videos of your Games? And is it okay if I monetise them?

You sure can and we love it when you do! Man Changing Ideas hereby grants free license, only to game owners and press, to use Man Changing Ideas in the creation and publishing (or streaming) of original media content, including reviews, gameplay videos and Let’s Plays. Man Changing Ideas also grants free license to content creators to monetise these works, whether through advertising, stream donations, or otherwise.

What do you use to make games?

We use Unity to build games for all platforms, utilising assets like TextMesh Pro from the asset store. All the art assets from the games, including animations, were drawn in Aseprite. Give it a try if you want to learn how to make games yourself!


Man Changing Ideas does not collect or store any player data through any of its software. When emailing Man Changing Ideas via the site’s contact form, the email address entered is collected and stored. This email address is only used to reply to the submitter, and is never distributed to or shared with any third party.